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The above interval shows that 95% of the (T1 – T) values fall in the range (0.582,0.622). Hence, we can conclude that the temperature in the last 50 years is certainly greater as compared to the mid-1850s. This is a clear indication of a significant rise in temperature in this period.This is a graph plotted with ‘year’ on the x-axis and ‘measured temperature’ corresponding to the year on the y-axis. It is very clear that taking into account even in the last 58 years, the temperature of the earth has been rising steadily.1)The 1st survey method shows that there is still a section of people who are not aware of the factual figures regarding global warming and think that this is a much-hyped subject and the issue is not a major cause for concern.2)The 2nd method of obtaining statistical data(series of measurements) is in contradiction with the above observations.