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In 1979, this protected area was created in Ecuador due to its high value of environmental biodiversity. However, this natural jewel in the middle of the Amazon competes with the economic interests of companies dedicated to the massive extraction of oil. Since the 1980s, extractive plants were installed, which later in 2013 were extended to the so-called Block 31 and ITT, two areas equipped with extraction machinery that officially help to overcome the country’s economic deficit. The maximum territory allowed by Ecuadorian law for deforestation in Yasuní Park was initially 300 hectares; But in 2019 there are already more than 417 hectares deforested, which puts the health and future of nature in this great global lung at high risk. The technical analysis of the consequences of companies such as Petroamazonas in the region has been prepared by the Monitoring of the Andean Amazon (MAAP) project of the Amazon Conservation Association and ACCA Conservación Amazónica. In collaboration they have designed a map that shows oil deforestation through satellite images.