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One piece of data that serves as proof of the magnitude of this destruction caused by man is that a single hectare of forest in Yasuní is home to around 100,000 species of organisms, of which 90% are small species of the arthropod group. Knowing the total impacts of the oil industry in the Yasuní Park can take from 70 to 100 years because the alterations to the natural environment are not measurable in the short term. Despite being an internationally recognized problem, with the passage of time the extraction docks increase their number and the animals, species and indigenous people of Yasuní are witnesses of the passage of ships that transport large tonnage trucks to be refilled and then commercialized. The company with the greatest potential in Yasuní is Petroamazonas, which curiously sells an environmentally conscious policy called “Nuestro Hogar” aimed at controlling and improving the environmental health of the forests in which its oil plants are installed.