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Your assignment is to include the list below and put the items in a SOAP format. You will want to research to find a form of your choice. You may add words to make sentences out of some of these items. When you get done, you should be able to view the notes and have a picture of this patient and know the next steps. Make sure that you have the needed information from your research of SOAP notes.John Smith, DOB 08-10-1951 came into the clinic to see Dr. Jerry Jones. Below are notes taken during Mr. Smith’s visit.Blood Pressure: 165/85The patient complains of left arm pain.Complains of leg weakness and increases with going up stepsDiagnosis: Hypertension, bilateral edema legs, and ankles, Heart Disease, DiabetesElevate legs for 1 hour 4 times a dayHeight: 182 cmInflammation on both lower legsPain is achingPain is better when I elevate my legsPain is worse at nightPeripheral edema, both anklesPrescribe Hydrochlorothiazide, 25 mg tablet, 1 per day in the am.Pulse Oximetry: 97%Pulse: 60 bpmRate pain 5 out of 10Respiration: 16 bpmReturn for follow-up in two weeksTemperature: 98.5Wear support stockings till the next appointmentWeight: 165 kgX-rays show no fractures