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Racism is present all around us, we live in a society that follows what we have learned in the past. We tend to close our eyes to the ills of society, we allow the evil to continue without saying a word and when things get bad, then we seek to have an input. However, there is a saying that “bad things happen only when good people do nothing.” We tend to look at the way we look, our physical appearance and, group ourselves with people of similar physic. Martin Marger expounds that we use race to divide us as a people, we attach meaning to our physical appearance and how we think of each other, thereby affecting how we relate to each other. (pg 15) It is the way of many in the modern world, however, we need to address how these issues have affected our fellow human beings, many have been advantaged in terms of labor and unjust payments, unfair opportunities, and even unfair treatment. We need to seriously look at how we treat each other and how society as a whole behaves when we interact with people who do not look as we do.