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To accomplish this the real volume of O2 gas produced is measured by the use of an indicator. For this experiment, an indicator (pyrogallol) that shows the presence of O2 gas will be used (Dunford, 2010). 2.50 cm3, 0.35 cm3, 0.10 cm3, and 0.35 cm3 of deionized water, buffer solution (at a pH of 6.0), hydrogen peroxide, and pyrogallol respectively were pipetted into two separate cuvettes labeled Cuvette 1 and Cuvette 2. The contents of the cuvettes were then mixed well using a small glass rod. The spectrophotometer was set to 420 nm after which Cuvette 1 was placed into it. 0.1 ml of the buffer solution was added to the cuvette and then stirred using a small glass rod.