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Kitty, a bookkeeper for Jabil Circuit, filed a petition in bankruptcy under Chapter 7, seeking to discharge $65,000 in credit-card debts and $45,000 in student loans.  Kitty’s husband died and left her with two children, Daniel, who attended college, and Darius, who was 14 years old.  According to Kitty, Darius was a star football player who practiced ten to fifteen hours a week and made all-star for two years.  Kitty’s petition showed monthly income of $4840 and expenses of $5,050.  The expenses included annual football expenses of $6,500.  The expenses did not include college costs for Daniel, or airfare for his upcoming summer trip to Budapest, and other items.  The trustee allowed monthly expenses of $4,200, with nothing allocated for football expenses and requested that the court dismiss the petition.