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Karl purchased 10 acres of land with a log cabin home in the Smoky Mountains from Rufus, but never recorded the deed.  Rufus stayed on the property as a tenant for two (2) years.  Near the end of the two years, Rufus learned that Karl never recorded the deed.  Rufus advertised the 10 acres for sale and Devon negotiated with Rufus thinking that Rufus was the owner.  Finally, Devon checked the records at the recording office and, finding no reason to question Rufus’s ownership of the property, purchased the 10 acres from Rufus.  Devon recorded the deed and Rufus took the proceeds and moved to Florida.  Meanwhile, Karl failed to pay the real estate taxes on the property for the two (2) years in question thinking it Rufus’s responsibility as the tenant.  When Devon started to build a barn on the property, Devon and Karl argued over the ownership of the property.  Decide the case between Devon and Karl.