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The essay “Emily Bronte’s Narration in Wuthering Heights” presents the analysis of “Wuthering Heights” as the only novel written by Emily Bronte and can be considered the greatest reflection of her craftsmanship and creativity. A variety of narrators and different narrative techniques resulted in a multi-layered narration. Bronte’s attempts to make this character special by means of his using a dialect has not always been approved by the critics. Vice versa, they used to claim that Bronte had serious technical problems while presenting to the readers Joseph’s speech: “This is t’way on’t-up at sun-dahn. dice, brandy, cloised shutters, und can’le lught till next day, at nooin-then, t’fooil gangs banning un raving tuh his cham’er, makking dacent fowks dig thur fingers i’ thur lugs fur varry shaume. un’ th’ knave, wah, he carn cahnt his brass, un’ ate, un’ sleep, un’ off tuh his neighbour’s tuh gossip wi’ t’ wife”.