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Management sees this IT service department solution as a distributed architecture (multiple sites and buildings).  Since this is a new build out, they estimate 15-service associates will staff each of three locations with a need for high performance workstations, VoIP devices, headsets, and high bandwidth (gigabit) network equipment supporting voice, video, and data.  This assignment requires you to research “in-building” computer network topologies and hardware.  You must compare and contrast, at least, two different network topologies. Be sure to include the benefits and limitations of each topology. In addition, you will need to provide line item capital costs and any on-going operational costs associated with the end user equipment and network hardware.  As the minimum, you should include a table with the line item description, quantity, unit price, and unit price total. Assume, this is a new implementation, there is no excess capacity (open ports) on the network equipment, and each network drop (user location) is within 90m of the data center.  Lastly, provide a recommendation about which topology you think would be most appropriate for Lakewood IT. Why is it the most appropriate?