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JST204 – Young People and CrimeAssessment 1:Length: 1,500 wordsRationaleThis assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: be able to provide a general overview of the statutory frameworksgoverning young people. be able to critically analyse the institutional frameworks and principal sitesof intervention into the lives of children and young people and discuss theeffects of these interventions. be able to articulate their understanding clearly and cogently. be able to use the work of major theorists and authors to inform theirunderstanding. be able to demonstrate a growing professional awareness by beingprofessional in all communications and conduct with academic staff andother students, and through presentation of assignmentsTaskStudents are required to answer both parts, A and B:A. What is the nature and extent of youth offending in Australia, support youranswer with evidence. (10%, 500 words)B.  Discuss theoretical frameworks that enhance our understanding of youthoffending. (15%, 1000 words)