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Identifies at least three sources of potential conflict between your country’s worldview and another country’s worldview of Identifies at least three sources of potential conflict between your country’s worldview and another country’s worldview,/ 1Criterion Feedback6/13/21 It appears that you have added a section describing internal conflicts in Japan and the Dominican Republic. Although these are important issues, they are not conflicts in worldview. I understand this is a challenging concept. Instead of thinking about conflicts as an issue within the country, think of it as differences that may cause challenges when communicating. Please review the Hofstede resource and the last round of feedback carefully as both with provide you very useful information for addressing this criterion. It also might be helpful to reach out to your advisor for some clarification on what this part of the project is looking for. 6/10/21 I see that you added language barriers as a conflict—although this could certainly cause challenges in communicating it would not be considered a conflict in worldview. I see that you also made reference to the indicator of masculinity however you have not described how there could be a conflict in worldview. I see how this could be a bit challenging as the description of this indicator for the Dominican Republic is not that detailed in comparison to the description of the indicator of masculinity in Japan. There is however a big point difference between the two countries as Japan scores much higher. So this will take some analysis—for example in the description of Japan’s view of masculinity it notes that Japanese people can have a tendency to be workaholics and work long hours. Is this common in the Dominican Republic or is the work week more standardized with time with family and building relationships more highly valued? If that is the case do you see how this might cause a conflict? Then you will need to identify two more areas where differences in worldview could cause a conflict when communicating. For example: Long Term Orientation—I have included excepts from the Hofstede descriptions of each country for this indicator below. How could these differences in the way Japan and the Dominican Republic view uncertainty cause challenges when communicating with one another? Dominican Republic: “[T]here is a larger degree of acceptance for new ideas, innovative products and a willingness to try something new or different, whether it pertains to technology, business practices, or food.” (Hofstede) Japan: “At 92 Japan is one of the most uncertainty avoiding countries on earth.… Japanese learned to prepare themselves for any uncertain situation… You could say that in Japan anything you do is prescribed for maximum predictability….This high need for Uncertainty Avoidance is one of the reasons why changes are so difficult to realize in Japan.” (Hofstede)