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Some five hundred bronzes found in Sanxingdui are attractions that are very enchanting to visitors and tourists that come. The shapes of the bronze include the divine trees of bronze, a human figure, animal-face and human-face. These bronze masks symbolise the trove specimens. The trove majorly is made up of utensils used for ritual or religious purposes and some bronze used to practice daily. Looking at it from features that determine it, they can be categorised into three. The trove representatives are the first. the images of the hosts of the rituals are their external appearances, the icons or participants of idolatry and fabricated in line with needs of a scarification process that are practical. Bronzes shaped like mythological plants or animals for instance tiger, dragon, roost, snake, fruit, tree and bird are the second type. Finally, the third type consists of almost twelve utensils meant for ritual. for instance lei, pan (plate) and zun (Zhao 12).