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The advertisement is an artifact, a cultural product in itself. This advertisement concentrates on one of the things that almost everyone has undergone. You throw like a girl or you run like a girl! These words were thrown at us by classmates or even parents to their children. In this advertisement, strong emotional appeals are used to empower girls to show them by showing that this phrase is not negative but instead shows them how it is amazing to be a girl. strong tough and passionate. Since Always produces menstrual products for girls and young women their primary message is directed to this group of audience. By showing young women in their ad, and younger girls they have made the advertisement relatable to the audience. It is easy to imagine oneself, a friend, daughter, or sister in the same position as the girls in the advertisement video. This advertisement is aimed at marketing towards the parents of the young girls since they are interested in their daughters’ happiness, seeing them self-confident and respected in the society.