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Nick’s behavior definitely seems erratic, dramatic, and emotional. He also seems to have met the symptom of having a grandiose sense of self-importance—which is probably related to his displays of worrying about whether he’s going to be famous or not. His preoccupation with actors and promoting talented people in order to gain fame himself have been eschewed by those in the acting community, as evidenced from the case study. Although Nick does not necessarily exhibit exhibitionism forthrightly, he does have some “show-and-tell” of his sacred objects in his briefcase. He exuded rage in response to criticism. Nick exhibits exploitativeness within interpersonal relationships to some extent, trying even to manipulate the clinician while he was being seen. Also, Nick exhibits unstable relationship patterns and a lack of feeling for others. Without a doubt, Nick definitely exhibits most if not all of the behaviors of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. None of the criteria was really unmet—and, as far as one can tell, Nick is a classic case of NPD. The lack of empathy that Nick displays is quite characteristic of NPD.