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Overview of the Portfolio PagesIntroduction:The first page of your Final Portfolio is an introduction to the readers.  It should provide an overview of your professional goals and the path you have set to lead you to success.  It can also include as much (or as little) personal information as you care to share.  An introduction should share some of your personality.  Photos are required, specifically a head shot or selfie (professional).  You may also include work-related photos or other photos or graphics that capture your likes, interests and personality. Introductions often include a relevant or inspiring quote. Resume:This should be posted directly into the page and formatted for visual impact. Goals, Achievements & Community Service:  This list can include any recognition, award, grades, participation in groups, or memorable event or milestone. Professional Philosophy: A professional philosophy was drafted in the Week One Blog.  This should be a revised version of that statement with consideration of feedback received from your instructor and your peers in the Week Three Discussion.