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The growing number of Americans is s common founded information. For example in 2010, 40.2 million older adults (65 plus years) represented the American populace. It is approximated that by 2050 there will be more than 88.5 million older adults, twice the number in 2010. This has been treated as strange in America because the older adults have outnumbered the teenagers. Additionally, the majority of the middle aged couples have an alive parent compared to their children (three to four parents compared to just two children Markson, 2003, p.10). Relationship of race, ethnicity, and culture on health status, health belief, help-seeking behaviors, health practice (i.e., traditional and non-traditional medicine), and health outcomesThe number of American adults of 65 years and above will be more than a twofold close to 71 million by 2030.