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On February 16, Charles ordered additional supplies from the Stowe Supply Co. in the amount of $350.  On February 19, the supplies were received.  The supplies were purchased on credit and the bill for the supplies is due in 60 days. On February 20, one of the display cases was damaged.  The cost to repair the damage was $315.  Charles paid for the repair with cash.  On February 20, the store received payment of $100 from a customer who purchased chocolate on credit during week 2.    On February 21, a customer returned an un-opened box of chocolate.  Charles gave the customer a full refund, in the amount of $50 in cash.   The box of chocolate cost Charles $35.  On February 22, a customer paid $100 in advance for a basket of gourmet chocolates that will be prepared and delivered to the customer’s home on March 14.  On February 22, week 3 sales were recorded.  Sales for week 3 totaled $4,445.  Of this amount, $2,250 was in cash, the remainder on credit.  Cost of chocolate sold was $2,050.