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Suppose you are a chicken farmer and you sign an agreement with a local chicken rotisserie restaurant owner to sell a large quantity of organic chickens to him every month. The written contract states that you will sell him “good quality” organic chickens. However, when you send the first shipment, the grocer comes back and says they are not high quality enough and he will not pay you. You reply that your chickens meet United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines for being “Grade A” which is the highest grade you can receive, and that they are certified to meet USDA organic standards. The restaurateur claims your chickens are not of the quality he had in mind, the contract does not say anything about the USDA, and his willingness to pay depends only on his own ideas about what is good quality. What do you think should have been added to the contract to avoid this kind of dispute? Will you be able to get paid for your chickens if you file a lawsuit seeking to force the restaurateur to pay?